DV4Mini on Raspberry Pi

This information is provided with no guarantees or support.  Software contained within the image is subject to upgrade at any time. By downloading this image, user accepts all liability for it’s use.

Raspberry Pi Info

Raspberry Pi 3 with a minimum 16gb SD card

User: Root
PSWD: raspberrypi

User: Pi
PSWD: raspberry

The Raspberry Pi image is approximately 16GB.  If you load the 16GB image on a 32GB SD Card, it becomes a 32GB image.

Download the image and extract the .img file.

  1. Download and install Win32 Disk Imager.
  2. Load the image on your SD Card.
  3. Install the SD Card in your Raspberry Pi.
  4. Power-up and configure your WiFi connection (or connect to Ethernet).
  5. TeamViewer Host will start.
  6. DV4Mini desktop software will start.
  7. Enter your CCS7 ID, Location, and QTH Locator.
  8. Plug in your DV4Mini and reboot your Raspberry Pi.


Click here to download the Raspberry Pi image.