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Select the Mode, DMR, Fusion, D-Star*, DPMR, NXDN, P25.
Select “Home” to see all of the users on all of the nodes on that Group (Reflector/Node).
Select “User” to see which users have recently keyed up.
Select “Info” or “Group” to see a list of the groups and their node.

There are multiple D-Star reflector systems that co-exist together.
The “DCS” system is run under the DCS network protocols (ircDDB).  DCS reflectors use channels A to Z and they have names, DCS001 A is world wide, and is permanently linked to the A channels on all other DCS reflectors
The “REF” system is run on the D-Plus network and protocols.
The “XRF” system is a decentralized D-Star system.